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Learning Environment Modeling

NextThought designs and creates unique learning experiences through the use of a visual design process called Learning Environment Modeling (LEM). Utilizing a shared visual modeling tool, our learning designers work collaboratively with partners to envision and implement custom learning environments that are optimized for engagement, community, and increased learner performance. Our team blends decades of professional development and curriculum design experience to create innovative and successful learning environments that are linked to tangible learning outcomes.

Curriculum Design & Development

NextThought Learning Design architects can evaluate and optimize a partner’s existing program curricula, or work with them to identify learning needs and goals in order to create a new learning solution. Our services range from reviewing and optimizing existing curricula to creating new content pieces, drafting learning outcomes, and map these into a new learning environment design. All of our environment and curriculum designs are optimized for increased engagement and improved learner performance.

Learning Analytics@2X

Learning Analytics & Performance Tracking

Our learning design process is centered on learner performance and growth. We help our  partners craft meaningful strategies for evaluating learner behavior and performance, and utilize the NextThought platform to track all aspects of user participation to measure performance and support organizational learning goals.

Content Development Services

Content Development Services

The NextThought Learning Design team evaluates existing program curricula or course content to optimize it for engaged and successful learning.

Curriculum & Course Redesign

Our team can also provide comprehensive evaluation and optimization for online learning and, more specifically, online collaboration and learner engagement. This may entail restructuring lessons, rewriting content, designing manipulatives, and creating new content or activities.

Curriculum & Course Development

Our team provides turnkey design and development services, including: 1) providing subject matter expertise; 2) establishing learning objectives and rubrics; 3) designing media elements such as video and manipulatives; 4) developing core content and resources, architecting learning communities and; 5) designing a connected-course structure optimized for collaboration and engagement.

Instructional Content

High levels of learner engagement and community interaction require specific types of instructor mediation throughout a course. NextThought learning designers are specialists at identifying where such mediation needs to occur, and can create the necessary content elements to achieve your goals for interaction.

Collaboration & Engagement Activities

Engaging learners effectively often requires new content or activity designs. As a result, we work closely with our partners to create innovative instructional frameworks that enhance both learning personalization and knowledge acquisition.


Properly designed and sequenced assessments are critical to positive learning efficacy. This includes proper assessment diversity and spacing, as well as effective concept reinforcement throughout the course content.

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