we believe

Connected Learning is Better

we aspire

to connect learners with each other — anywhere, anytime

we create

learning communities that engage and endure

we enhance

content through connection and collaboration

Interact wherever you're comfortable.

Your students and materials are always with you.

Engage your students.

Content is designed to encourage critical thinking and discussion.

Never lose touch with your classes.

Our Web App works on any device.

About Us

Founded in 2011, NextThought offers products and services that enhance online education through engaged learning communities. We are a passionate team dedicated to building technology that supports world-class teaching and learning. Our flagship connected learning platform reflects this mission by enabling teachers and students to connect with each other in meaningful ways throughout the learning process. We are excited to engage with institutions, educators, and students who are changing the world.

Our Culture

Our team is one of the most dedicated and talented teams working to move education forward. We do what many work groups do - draw on whiteboards, ask questions, brainstorm, scrutinize ideas, eat lunch together, problem solve, and play practical jokes. We're resourceful. Who else do you know who builds their own desks? We work hard, eat a lot of snacks, play a little foosball, and even occasionally watch a movie. Above all, we do everything in the name of bringing the best social learning experience to education.